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Bringing Children to Christ

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Bringing Families Together

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Sharing God’s Gifts With Others

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Singing God's Glory at Faith Lutheran Church
Matthew 25:31-46

Sermon – Matthew 25:31-46

Today, we come to the end of the church year calendar and the end of Matthew’s version of Jesus’ ministry.  And, as we read this passage which caps the church year, we get high drama, we get harsh judgment, and … read full post

Keep Your Lamps

Sermon – Matthew 25:1-13

Over the years, I have participated in a few hundred weddings.  For most of them I served as the musician.  And, since I have been ordained, I have officiated for several weddings.  Through this plethora of wedding experiences, there is … read full post

Sermon - Matthew 5:1-12

Sermon – Matthew 5:1-12

I love the gospel of Matthew.  Matthew was written to communicate the Jesus story to early Jewish Christians and, let me tell you, the writer of this gospel really knew how to tell a story!  Beginning with Chapter one, verse … read full post

matthew 22

Sermon – Matthew 22: 15-22

For those of you familiar with William Shakespeare’s work you will remember that one of the lines from his play The Tempest is “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”  Over time, that line has morphed into the phrase, “Politics … read full post

Matthew 21: 33-46

Sermon – Matthew 21: 33-46

As we begin to delve into today’s readings, I invite you to look at the beginning words in your bulletin.  There we read:

Open a newspaper, turn on the TV, read online – everywhere we look, the world is crumbling … read full post

Jesus will never be captured or controlled or fit into our little boxes. He is always going to disrupt the ways in which righteousness and privilege and piety and power try to control and manage. Jesus will always elude our grasp so that we may be grasped by him and by God’s immeasurable grace and boundless love for all. And, when we are grasped by God’s grace, the tables have truly been turned. Then, we can truly celebrate a love that is indiscriminate, boundless in mercy, and life-giving for all.

Sermon – Matthew 21: 23-32

Charles Campbell, professor of homiletics at Duke University, offers this great commentary about having a conversation with Jesus.  He writes:

A few years ago, while channel surfing, I paused and watched part of an interview with television psychologist and celebrity … read full post