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Matthew 6:1-6. 16-21 – Ash Wednesday

Lent is about peeling away the layers of insulation and anesthesia which keep us from the truth of God’s promises.  It is a time of self-reflection, sacrificial giving and prayer as we make our way through the tangled mess of our lives.  It is a time when we can trudge through the lies of our…

Sermon – Matthew 17:1-9

Today, we walk through the doorway into Lent and journey to the cross, that place of transforming love.  Be open to be changed, be open to be transformed, and be open to be made new.  May God richly bless our journey!

Sermon – Matthew 5: 38-48

With the words of today’s reading, Jesus seeks neither to set impossible goals nor to shame people who cannot reach perfection.  Instead, he sets forth God’s vision of God’s world where genuine and unconditional love reigns.  The reign of God is inaugurated in the person of Jesus, and we, Jesus’ followers, are empowered by his…

Sermon – Matthew 5: 21-37

Some students once asked Martin Luther, “What is your picture of God?”  Luther replied, “When I think of God, I think of a man hanging on a tree.”  Luther responded with those words because in the cross of Christ we see God’s love poured out for the whole world and we are reminded that God…