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Sermon – Matthew 28: 16-20

Martin Luther once said, “To try to deny the Trinity endangers your salvation, to try to comprehend the Trinity endangers your sanity.” And, John Wesley, when talking about the Trinity said, “Bring me a worm that can comprehend a human being, and then I will show you a human being that can comprehend the Triune…

Sermon: Acts 2: 1-21

Today, we celebrate the birth of the church. And, as we gather for this celebration, our party is a dangerous one. In fact, this party has been a dangerous event from day one. Our story begins on an ordinary day, roughly 2,000 years ago when a small group of believers isolated themselves all together in…

Sermon – John 17: 1-11

Today, we hear Jesus pray a prayer for all his followers and for each one of us, and his prayer is all about his desire that we live in a relationship of self-giving love with God and each other.  That is God’s desire for us and for the world.

Sermon – Sermon – Acts 17: 22-31

The known God in whom we live and move and have our being opens us to understanding the love of God. God’s salvation is intended to embrace all creation.  For all those who are seeking, we have Good News to share!  The gift that overcomes the world’s exclusions, the gift that enables us to truly…

Sermon – John 10: 1-10

God is showering you with the abundant, eternal life only the Good Shepherd can give, life that truly matters.  Listen to his voice telling you that you are accepted, you belong to God and you are deeply loved by a God who will always hold you in that love and never let you go.