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Sermon – Ezekiel 36:27

The Apostles’ creed ends where it begins – with the gift of abundant life.  As creator, God gave us life as a sheer gift.  As redeemer, Jesus Christ took our lives from the clutches of sin. As Spirit, God ushers us into a community of faith where life is lived to the fullest (even in the…

Sermon – John 3: 1-17

There is a deep, gnawing hunger for love and there is a deep, gnawing hunger for God in our culture and in the world.  And, the good news is that, in the person of Jesus, we discover a God who loves this broken, God-hating world and our very broken selves so deeply that no one…

Sermon – Exodus 34:1-9

At first the Ten Commandments might sound like a fistful of harsh “Thou shalt nots.”  But, the truth is these ten words are truly gift and through them God promises grace and every good thing to all those who keep these commandments.  Read them and remember, we are to love and trust God and gladly act…

Matthew 6:1-6. 16-21 – Ash Wednesday

Lent is about peeling away the layers of insulation and anesthesia which keep us from the truth of God’s promises.  It is a time of self-reflection, sacrificial giving and prayer as we make our way through the tangled mess of our lives.  It is a time when we can trudge through the lies of our…