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Sermon – Matthew 26: 20-29

As we experience this last Lenten service focusing on Luther’s Small Catechism, our topic is Holy Communion. Christians have many names for this meal. It is sometimes called the Sacrament of the Altar to emphasize the importance of  Christ’s sacrifice for our sin. More often it is referred to as Holy Communion to accent the intimate bond created…

Sermon – John 11: 1-45

Even though we travel through the reality of loss and reversals, defeats and disappointments, and even death, none of these things have the last word. Everything that entombs us in multiple ways will not have the last word. In fact, we ourselves do not have the last word. God alone has the last word. God…

Sermon – Romans 6: 1-14 – Baptism

In order to encourage and strengthen our confidence that the message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is true and that it can deliver what it promises, Jesus twice connected physical signs to his spoken words. He connected water to his promise of life and, right before he died, he took the simple elements of…

Sermon – John 9: 1-41

Like the blind man in today’s story, Jesus heals our blindness and invites us to see things differently.  Then we hear the most sublime words imaginable, “Go, wash.” And, as the cool and refreshing waters of life wash over us – those baptismal waters in which we daily live – our eyes and our hearts…