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Sermon – Matthew 5:1-12

I love the gospel of Matthew.  Matthew was written to communicate the Jesus story to early Jewish Christians and, let me tell you, the writer of this gospel really knew how to tell a story!  Beginning with Chapter one, verse one, we hear Jesus called “The Messiah.”  The writer of Matthew begins by setting us…

Sermon – Romans 3:19-28 – Reformation Sunday

I will never forget my first piano recital performance in college.   I loved to perform and really make good music, but I did NOT like performing from memory.  Performing from memory has always been a terrifying experience for me.  Anxiety would rule my entire being as I would try to perfectly remember every note on…

Sermon – Matthew 22: 15-22

For those of you familiar with William Shakespeare’s work you will remember that one of the lines from his play The Tempest is “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”  Over time, that line has morphed into the phrase, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.”  Now, while this might be applicable to our time, it has been…

Sermon – Matthew 21: 33-46

As we begin to delve into today’s readings, I invite you to look at the beginning words in your bulletin.  There we read: Open a newspaper, turn on the TV, read online – everywhere we look, the world is crumbling about us.  War, violence, natural disasters, hateful words, anger, and hostility litter our cultural landscape…