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Sermon – Matthew 19:10-15

Grace to you and peace from God and Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.   Please pray with me. Lord, be with us during this message that your word may be made clearer to us and that we feel and know your love in the words shared. Open our hearts and minds to receive your…

Sermon – Matthew 25:31-46

Today, we come to the end of the church year calendar and the end of Matthew’s version of Jesus’ ministry.  And, as we read this passage which caps the church year, we get high drama, we get harsh judgment, and we get punishment and damnation in eternal fire!  As one who stands before you to…

Sermon – John 1: 6-8

If you ever have had the life-giving opportunity of worshiping in an AME congregation or another African American congregation, you will likely have heard the pastor cry out from the pulpit, “Can I get a witness?”  And, you will likely have heard members of the congregation eagerly respond by saying, “Yes” or “Amen.”  Well, if…

Sermon – John 1: 43-51

Come and hear the words of John in this powerful sermon presented by Darrell Neeves and inspired by the Bible passages from John 1: 43-51.