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Sermon – Matthew 3: 1-12

John the Baptist is standing in the wings prompting us and giving us our lost lines. He is there pointing beyond himself to God, telling us the advent of a new age is upon us. He is telling us that, in the person of Jesus, God is guiding us as we move through the wilderness…

Sermon – Isaiah 2: 1-5

As we continue to wait for God’s coming in fullness to this broken world, the promise of Advent is that what is coming is an unimaginable invasion, an invasion of holiness, an invasion of God in this world.  So, stay awake, be alert and be ready.  God is on the way.  That is what Advent…

Sermon – Thanksgiving – John 6:25-35

Jesus is the bread of life. So, tonight as we celebrate Thanksgiving, we give thanks not only for all the blessings we have received, but especially for the bread of life that truly matters – Jesus, the Christ.

Luke 23: 33-43

What does it mean for us to name Christ as our King?  Whatever our understandable desire for strength and security, the leader to whom we look is the one who leaves behind all the strength and power and status, emptying himself and taking the form of a servant (Phil 2:7) in order to redeem those…

Luke 21-5-19

Today’s Sermon was provided by Rev. Dr. Niklaus C. Schillack, Director of Church Relations within Samaritas. The sermon was based on Luke 21-5-19.