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Sermon – John 3: 14-21

I am sure all of you know what a cliché is.  Clichés are phrases that, upon their inception, were striking and thought-provoking.   However, as they started to catch on, people began overusing them, making them seem trite, and turning them into what we now know as clichés. Well, as we look at today’s gospel reading,…

Sermon – John 2: 13-22

Come and hear the Gospel of John 2: 13-22 this morning as we explore Jesus Clearing the Temple and what that means in our own lives.

Sermon – Mark 8: 31-38

Historian, Douglas Brinkley, writes: “Usually, one day in a century rises above the others as an accepted turning point or historic milestone. It becomes the climactic day, or ‘the day,’ of that century.”  9/11 was a huge turning point for our country.  And, I suspect there are more to come in this century.  Turning points…