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Urban Tumbleweeds,” better known as plastic grocery bags, have been littering our streets! When plastic bags don’t make it to the trash they often are seen blowing in the wind. The members of Faith Lutheran’s Green Teamare asking you to bring all those plastic shopping bags to church so we can recycle them. We are placing recycle containers in the foyers in the northwest and southwest entrances to the building. It will be easy to drop those urban tumbleweeds in these containers as you enter the building.

Another Solution? Let’s reduce the demand for and manufacture of, plastic bags by using reusable shopping bags. Beginning Sunday September 18th, our youth will be selling reusable shopping bags bearing the name of Faith Lutheran Church. These bags, a fundraising project for our youth, will be selling for $5.00 a bag. The Youth, the Green Team and the Evangelism Committee are teaming up to inspire you to use these reusable bags as we work to reduce the amount of plastic going into the landfills.