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Sixty Plus or Minus: Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, 11:30 a.m. Pot Luck Lunch and Program

Snares to Wares: Keeping Wildlife Safe While Preserving Human Livelihood in Uganda

Clara Lepard, MSU Graduate Student


In poor areas of Uganda, a number of residents earn their living by snaring animals to sell for meat in their villages. The metal snares they use are made from old vehicle tires, readily available along the roadsides. Unfortunately, these same snares are also used by poachers to snare endangered wildlife. Removing the snares from the landscape solves only part of the problem. Animals are safer, but what about the humans who depend upon their “catch” to earn their living? Robert Montgomery, assistant professor in the Fisheries and Wildlife Department at MSU has developed an initiative called “Snares to Wares” that addresses both problems.   Clara Lepard, a senior at MSU studying zoology, spent last summer working with this innovative program in Uganda. She is eager to share with us her experiences in words and pictures.


Joins us in Faith’s lower level fellowship hall for a potluck lunch, followed by this interesting learning experience. (Yes, we are back to the 3rd Wednesday for November because of Thanksgiving.)   Please sign up soon on the Faith @ Work information board in the narthex!