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Sunday School

The class meets on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m on pre-scheduled dates.  This class is geared toward discussing current events and situations that often come up for High School students and how their Christian faith can help them deal with these issues.  We utilize Literature, Film, Music, and discussion to cover a myriad of topics.

High School youth attending the Gathering High School youth attending the Gathering


  • Monthly Outings – We meet once a month for a fun activity.  We have gone bowling, tubing, ice skating, and played lazer tag to name a few.
  • Weekend Retreats & Lock-ins
  • Mission Trips – We go on a Mission Trip in the summer annually to help those less fortunate.  We have gone to West Virginia, New Orleans, and Honduras to name a few.
  • ELCA National Youth Gathering – We attend this every three years.  Our next Gathering is in Houston, Texas in 2018.