Faith Lutheran Church

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Bringing Children to Christ

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Bringing Families Together

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Sharing God’s Gifts With Others

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Singing God's Glory at Faith Lutheran Church

Reconciling in Christ Presentation

In this presentation, Faith Lutheran Church in Okemos Michigan reaffirms and gets recognized for being a RIC (Reconciling in Christ congregation) from the ELCA church.

Faith Lutheran Church’s Welcoming Statement:

We, at Faith Lutheran Church, welcome you as a child … read full post

Water in Tanzania

water in Tanzania

Tula Ngasala is one of our members and she is working on her Environmental Engineering degree at MSU.  During this time, she has also been working on developing water projects in her home country of Tanzania.  Working with Engineers Without … read full post

The Great Divide

The Great Divide

This past presidential election has created division among people in our own community and in the lives of families within our faith community.  In an effort to help create healing of that divide, enable people to listen to each other … read full post