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Greetings! Faith Lutheran Church is a community of people who believe that God acts out of love and grace.

We believe God daily showers us, broken as we are, with love and forgiveness.

We believe that ultimately it is love that changes people.

We believe God welcomes all and, therefore, we welcome all into the community we share.

We believe the church is a community of faith in which everyone has a role to play.

We believe God invites us into a deeper relationship with God and one another, feeds us, and sends us forth sharing God’s grace and love as we live our daily lives in this world.

We invite you to join us, receive the blessing of the richness of God’s grace and love, and be strengthened for a life of joy and service in this world.

I look forward to meeting you!

-Pastor Ellen Schoepf, prellen@faithlutheranokemos.org


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in faith for worship, prayer, study, and fellowship

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