Faith Lutheran Church

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Bringing Children to Christ

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Bringing Families Together

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Sharing God’s Gifts With Others

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Singing God's Glory at Faith Lutheran Church

October 30, 2016 Announcements

Join us Sunday October 30th:

9:00am: How Lutheran’s Interpret the Bible

10:00am: Worship Service, New Member Sunday

Quarterly Meeting: Immediately following the worship service.

Youth Group Fundraiser (partnering with Membership Development) Chili Chowdown–immediately following the quarterly meeting.

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October 30, 2016 Worship Folder

Reformation—Then and Now

Next year, Lutheran churches throughout the world will mark the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation. The anniversary remembers 1517, when Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. That

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October 23 2016, Worship Folder

God Be Merciful

We may expect the religious insider to be blessed, the moral person to be right with God. But as is so often the case, Jesus’ parable for today sweeps away conventional expectations. Jesus surprises the disciples and … read full post