Faith Lutheran Church

Bringing Children to Christ

Bringing Families Together

Sharing God’s Gifts With Others

Singing God's Glory at Faith Lutheran Church

For 60 years, the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church in Okemos has welcomed individuals and families from throughout the area to join us as we celebrate God’s Spirit among us.  As we gather together we celebrate the love and grace we have been given as a Faith community, while living into our call to share that love and grace with others in our daily lives.

Faith Lutheran Church in Okemos, MI offers various weekly activities designed for participants of all ages and backgrounds – Bible studies, group meetings, youth gatherings and events, family events, musical groups in which people can participate, social justice events, and much more.  From infants to seniors, Faith Lutheran Church welcomes people from all walks of life to join us as we not only worship together but also journey together in our life as a Faith Community.
For more information about Faith Lutheran Church, and ELCA congregation, please call us at 517-349-0620 or contact us at: faith@faithlutheranokemos.org